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gospel ads, revival services & evangelistic outreaches
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We The Church Media is passionately proclaiming God's Word through gospel ads, revival services and evangelistic outreaches.  

We The Church Media was formerly known as Bus Stop Bible Studies (BSBS) which now operates as a division of WTC Media along with Why Jesus Media.  Bus Stop Bible Studies has placed over 10,000 ads on transit throughout Canada in the past 14 years that have made over one billion impressions.  Two of our campaigns went viral and many of our gospel ads have helped to save lives from disbelief, deception, hopelessness, despair, abortion and even suicide.  Thank you for your donations and sponsorships which are making an eternal investment in souls and helping to save lives.

There are 3 division to We The Church Media:

1. Bus Stop Bible Studies: To sponsor a gospel ad on transit please go to:

2. Why Jesus Media: To sponsor a gospel ad on billboards, benches or bins go to:

3. Evangelistic Outreaches: To book our revival services, presentations, download 
    outreach cards or receive in-kind support for all your church events please go to:
    Evangelistic Outreaches

We exist for the following reasons:

1. To support you as a believer to fulfill your main purpose as the church to make disciples.
2. To stir up revival by strengthening the mission of the church through one of the best resources for evangelism.
3. To sow the seed of God's Word within your community through gospel ads which serve as one of the most 
    effective approaches which provide 24/7 exposure and an impression and retention rate of over 80%.

How to Participate with We The Church Media

1. Pray for us
2. Donate 
3. Sponsor a gospel ad
4. Distribute our outreach cards
5. Share your testimony through our site
6. Share your faith through our gospel merchandise
7. Book our revival services or presentations
8. Book us to provide in-kind support for all your church events
9. Become a church rep
10. Join our team

Contact us today at: (416) 731-6120 or to participate.

Our Ministry Team

Mike Cameron, Acting President
Carol Blake, Administrative Assistant
John Gardner, Public Relations Director
Margaret Elliot, Field Evangelist
Barbara Mcleod, Missionary Evangelist
Brad Farkas, Outreach Representative
Sharron Mundle, Ministry Representative
Joseph Vaillancourt, Ministry Representative
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