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Evangelistic Outreaches
We are offering the 5 following essential and effective evangelistic services to support and strengthening the Body of Christ.

1. Revival services and ministry presentations

Our revival services are hosting by a gifted, passionate and anointed team of in house evangelist, soloist and worship leaders. Powerful testimonies of physical healing from severe accidents will be featured at some of our revival services for the purpose of setting the stage for our evangelist to preach about the greatest healing of all which is being born again by the spirit of God.  All our revival services include a 10 minute ministry presentation with a promo video.  You can choose to only book our 10 minute ministry presentation for your church.

You have the option to book one of our evangelist or our whole revival team which includes our worship team.  These revival services are highly inspirational as they will motivate unbelievers and believers alike to surrender all to Jesus.  All our services are concluded by a alter call and invitation to come to the Lord for salvation and renewal. We provide free Bibles, gospel tracts and outreach cards at all our revival services to help mobilize believers to share their faith within their communities. For more information on our revival services please click here.

To book our revival services or ministry presentations please contact us at: (416) 731-6120 or

​2. Recruitment of guest evangelist/preachers and event sponsorships

​Churches can partner together with us to host guest evangelist/preachers who have a passion for evangelism to help motivate and mobilize their congregations to better fulfill the main mission of the church to make disciples.  Churches will be responsible for confirming the logistics of these evangelistic services and We The Church Media will provide event support by recruiting and sponsoring the event; and providing free support material such as Bibles, gospel tracts and outreach cards at the event to help mobilize believers to share their faith within their communities. We can also MC your event if you desire. These evangelistic church services WILL NOT be an official event of We The Church Media but rather our ministry will merely serve as a sponsor and support for your services.

You can also book us to sponsor any of your community outreach events. We will provide professional planning and logistical event support along with free evangelistic material at your events.  For more information please contact us at: (416) 731-6120 or

​3. In-kind support for all your church events (Free evangelistic material)

​You can now book We The Church Media to be represented at any of your church's outreach events where we will provide free Bibles and evangelistic material (gospel tracts & outreach cards).

1. Concerts & Musicals 
2. Christmas & Easter Services
3. Community Fairs
4. Conferences
5. Others

We can also provide logistical and promotional support for any of your community outreach events. Our event team has participated in many events at both large and small churches; and have organized many large scale community events through the planning departments of the City of Toronto and Mississauga. We have also partnered together with over 30 of the largest accessibility agencies throughout the Greater Toronto Area to host large scale community events. We have furthermore participated and spoken at Canada's largest church, The Center Street Church where our team opened for their Life without Limbs conference with Nick Vujicic. 

​​ Contact us at: (416) 731-6120 or for more information on hosting your own community outreach event.

  (Important Note: We The Church Media does not operate its own events or groups with the exception of 
  our revival services, but only provides logistical or sponsorship support to individuals, churches or  
  ministries for hosting their own community based events and groups).

4. Outreach Life Groups (Logistical Support)

​Community Life Groups are designed as an outreach of your church to your community for the purpose of reaching people with the gospel of Christ. These group are different from most church based life groups as they are not mainly designed for Christian fellowship but rather for community outreach. Below are 3 life group categories:

There are 3 types of Outreach Life Groups:

Workplace Life Groups
>Prayer Support
>Testimony and Resource Sharing
>Cultural and Christian celebrations

School Life Groups
>Q & A Discussion
>Testimony and Resource sharing

Neighborhood Life Groups
>BBQ & Dinner
>Game or movie night
>Family and Holiday Parties

Join us in following the example of our Lord in Luke 15:2 "And the Pharisees and the scribes grumbled, saying, “This man receives sinners and eats with them.”

Contact us at: (416) 731-6120 or for more information on starting up your own Outreach life group.

5. Free Outreach Cards

We have 32 downloadable and printable outreach cards that will mobilize you as a believer to share your faith by taking these business size cards with you wherever you go to distribute as the opportunities arises. These cards are designed to arouse people's curiosity in the gospel and to connect people to our web site at: which is especially designed for unbelievers for the purpose of presenting compelling evidence and benefits for becoming a follower of Christ. You can also download a template that will allow you to print your church's information at the back of these cards. These outreach cards are like a mini gospel ad in your pocket that you can give out within your community. 

Research shows that these concise types of outreach cards are one of the most effective resources to assist you as a believer in your personal evangelism strategy as they have an 80% rate of impression and retention very similar to that of our gospel ads with flash advertisement.

You will require the purchase of Avery business cards paper from Staples to print these cards from your home printer. Free outreach cards are provided at all our events.  Click here to start downloading and printing your outreach cards.

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