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My name is Joseph Vaillancourt. I'am an ordained minister with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC).  After years in the inner city and ministering to those at risk in Toronto, I found myself drawn to the rural communities. After coming to the rural communities, I saw a desperate situation of decay and an unwillingness to make needed changes. This led me to look outside the box and find different ways to reach people. Let me share my vision: Vision: My goal is to empower at risk children/people by inspiring their imagination and creativity. 

Jesus – Upfront my goal is relationship. I provide music lessons in Jesus name. By building relationships with people over a shared love of music, I can build a sense of community and connect with people who are not being reached or have no connection with the church.  

Advocacy through ART – I use art and music advocate for people to accept the gospel. The role of Christian priest for which we are all one is to be an advocate in prayer for people to GOD, and advocate for GOD to the people by using our gifts and abilities to inspire faith. To do this, I am working as an advocate for the children who are a part of the Boys and Girls Club by seeking donations for the guitar club first, and their other programs. 

Music – Specifically, I teach absolute beginners' guitar to at RISK CHILDREN ABSOLUTELY free!  

History of the "Easy Guitar Club" 

I launched the first club at the Boys and Girls Club in Pembroke in October of 2019 with sponsorship from Go Easy, and other local businesses. With the help of grass roots support, we have been able to access much of the tools we need. 

The "Easy Guitar Club", has two classes going (a beginner's class, and a more advance class). Currently the "Easy Guitar Club" has a waiting list.  

Program Design 

​We offer free guitar lessons for beginners (children ages 10 and up) through a faith based mentoring program that the church and community at large can support to help unprivileged and at risk kids find purpose and meaning in their lives.

Lessons start with open chords but evolves to include strategies to overcome the initial challenges of learning to play the guitar; that include guitar specific, exercises, basic music theory & positive re-enforcement and encouragement. 

For families that do not have a guitar or cannot afford a guitar, a lending program is provided. These resources are first come, first served and are meant to be a short-term solution.

When a guitar is borrowed by a child, it saves the family money upfront and gives them a chance to see if their child will stick with the learning. If the child continues with the lessons and shows growth, we want to give that guitar to the student for free as a Christian witness towards this faith based program. This means we will need to replace that given guitar with a new one for a new child. This is where we are looking for a regular source of donations. The average guitar can be purchased for under $350.

To register for lessons or donate to help underprivileged and at risk kids have a chance to find purpose and meaning through a positive outlet to express themselves please contact us at:

Director: Joseph Vaillancourt 
(613) 559-0973 or

Program Flyer

Opportunities for Further and Future Evangelism 

Currently, I am in talks to open an outreach in the first nations community, military, schools, and a senior's home. Free music lessons is a great tool to open doors not currently open to us. 
Contact Information

(613) 559-0973



Please designate that you are donating to Joe's Jam in the donation comment section.

Contact Joe above to make an in-kind donation of a guitar.
Joe's Jam is partnering together and endorsed by We The  Church Media. Please pray and support Joe's Jam as this ministry needs your monthly donations to provide free guitar lessons to the many underprivileged youth with our communities. 
Giving kids purpose and meaning through a faith based music program
Please help us to empower underprivileged and at risk kids by inspiring their imagination and creativity.